Empowering local farmers with the aim of improving their quality of life
Always growing to create quality products and totality service
Only use quality products according to Indonesian standards for the export market
Jaya Saliem Industri main concern is bringing together efficient eco friendly production techniques, with environmental conservation policies
We guarantee the quality of our products, which are supported by official surveyor agencies from Indonesia
Maintain price stability to create a favorable trading environment
Become the pride of the Republic of Indonesia in the world of trade
Become a trusted supplier in several countries, especially asia

Why Jaya Saliem Industri?

Properly Processed and Hygienic

We process cacao pods to perfection,

each process is carefully detailed and produces

the highest quality products.

Amazing Taste

Our cocoa products produce a unique taste

in accordance with its natural taste.

This quality is our main focus.

High Quality

With the right process,

it produces prime quality cocoa products

that are ready to be marketed.

About Us

Jaya Saliem Industri, founded 2015 in Indonesia, is today an cacao exporting company. Jaya Saliem industri works with hundreds of cocoa farmers in Indonesia, registered and collaborating with  Indonesian Ministry of  Trade to produce and market Indonesian cocoa products to all over the world.

At the core of jaya saliem industri company mission, to make integrated system for empowering cocoa farmers in Indonesia,  creating jobs for the communities and give a decent salary according to the standards of the republic of Indonesia.

Our guiding principles are zero waste and love the environment. The company produces all products from processed cocoa including Cacao Beans, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Butter Subtitute, Cocoa Cake, Cocoa Mass, Chocolate Compound, Chocolate filling with a production capacity more than hundreds of metric tons.

Supported by  with  Indonesian Ministry of  Trade    we  embraces sustainability in its global operations, supply chain and communities.

Our Products

We offer high quality products with competitive price

Cacao Beans

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter Subtitue

Cocoa Cake

Cocoa Mass

Chocolate Filling

Compound Chocolate



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Cocoa Beans

We only use quality cacao beans that have passed several tests to achieve quality standards

Cocoa Powder

We provide best cocoa powder
for our customers and
we accept customized Fat and Ph level
as your needs and request.

Cocoa Butter

We have 2 types of cocoa butter, natural or pure prime pressed and deodorized  cocoa butter

Cocoa Butter Subtitue

Jaya Saliem Industri also markets a subtitue for cocoa butter made from processed palm oil.

Cocoa Cake

Jaya Saliem Industri also produced cocoa cake with 3 different colour (light brown, medium brown, dark brown).

Cocoa Mass

Cocoa mass that we produce serves to enhance the taste of cocoa powder to get the desired taste.

Chocolate Filling

Chocolate filling that we produce have a unique taste and resistant to high temperatures

Compound Chocolate

Compound Chocolate that we market has a unique taste. Therefore, many bakery companies entrust our company to provide their needs